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Finally my research project is off to a start!

Well it has been a long journey to get to this point but I am excited that we are finally starting this research project! I will be collecting samples from ~250 dingoes across Australia to study the genetic (and phenotypic) identity of dingoes. One of the aims will be to work towards a new high-throughput, reliable and cost-effective DNA test for dingo owners, conservation organisations and management agencies.

As part of this project we may be interested in collecting samples from either wild dingoes (ie dingoes culled for management purposes) or captive dingoes (held by conservation groups or private owners). We will soon have saliva collection kits to send out to interested contributors. Also if you know the location of any "dingo trees" then please get in contact! Email me at or for more details!

Once we have collected the samples I will extract DNA and start collecting genetic data from 220,000 genetic markers across the genome! For a comparison the current "dingo DNA test" looks at 23 markers. This will be a huge improvement!

If you are interested in getting involved or supporting this project then please get in contact.

Kimmi the monkey dingo - showing her climbing skills.

Taking a selfie with a dingo is HARD!

Aussie and Crikey - two adorable Alpine dingoes.

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